Overnight Camp

The Adventure Camp Series


Survival Skills Camp :
The Wilderness

An upgraded version of the previous Survival Skills Camp, The Wilderness encourages children to learn more skills and techniques that requires them to survive in the wilderness. Activities include rope course, learning to use various tools and its techniques, edible and inedible food, navigation and many more.


The Maze Race

In this 3 days 2 nights camp, children are tested on their ability to work together as a team and to build their leadership skills.


Me, the Resilient Kid

3 days 2 nights camp for children to develop their resiliency and build their critical thinking skills. The activities are designed to encourage children to cope with a variety of issues and tasks given – to find proper solutions and to make the best decision on each issue and task.

The Adventure Camp Series


Summer Camp

The Summer Camp is regarded as a “must-do”, “get the kids off from gadgets and technology” and “the perfect place for children to build resilience, learn life skills and help children to optimize their psychosocial development”.


That Teen Camp

 This camp is designed specifically for teens 13-18 years old to build and develop their leadership skills, problem solving skills and teamwork ability. Designed as a gadget detox camp, teens are encourage to mingle-jingle with their peers in a fun and educational setting, learning and developing a variety of life skills together.

The Ohana Series

Ohana Camp (2)

The Ohana Camp

This camp aims to encourage the whole family to discover more about nature and experience the fun and excitement of being outdoors together.  The activities in the camp encourages the whole family to perform task and activities together, giving each other a chance to learn more about one another, creating a special bond within the family.

**Not Available At This Time**


Daddy and Me Camp

The Daddy and Me camp is our first level camp designed for kids ages 3-7 years old.  Together with their dads, this camp encourages the city child to explore and discover the natural environment surrounding them, giving them the opportunity to learn and build different sets of skills and abilities.


Adventure With Dad

 An upgraded version of the Daddy and Me camp for older children where children embark on an exciting road trip with their beloved daddy to the beach side in Port Dickson where they get to learn more about the easy breezy life at the beachside.