About MAE

  • MAE is an organization that is devoted to build a solid foundation in the education industry within Malaysia through alternative learning.
  • MAE has been running since 2016 with over 20 camps that has been hosted.
  • Alternative learning helps individuals attain education through nonformal and informal education. This 21st-century learning system is defined as an all-rounded set of knowledge, skills, habits and character traits that is important to success in today’s modern world which can be applied in children’s future pathway of life.
  • Your child will be camping at Camp MAE which is located at Amverton Cove Golf & Island Resort at their newly built cabins specially made for your child that is equipped with beds and lockers.
  • Your child will be bunking with their assigned group and will be looked after by their assigned facilitators who is also required to escort your child for any purposes.

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How many days or how long are the programs?

Camp MAE has a variety of overnight camp for children of different ages and these camp consist of:

  • Adventure Camp Series – for kids 7 years and  above
    • Survival Skills Camp- The Wilderness
    • The Maze Race Camp
    • Me, the Resilient Kid Camp
    • That Teen Camp
    • Summer Camp
  • The Ohana Camp series – for the family
    • Daddy and Me Camp
    • The Ohana Camp
    • Adventure with Dad Camp
  • Nature program
    • Nature Play Program: 9.30am- 11.30am
    • Nature Science Program: 9.00am- 4.00pm (3 days)
  • Adventure Camp Series
    • Survival Skills Camp- The Wilderness: 2 days 1 night
    • The Maze Race Camp: 3 days 2 nights
    • Me, the Resilient Kid Camp: 3 days 2 night
    • That Teen Camp: 4days 3 night
  • Summer Camp:
    • 7 day 6 nights
    • 14 days 13 nights
  • The Ohana Camp series
    • Daddy and Me Camp: 2 days 1 night
    • The Ohana Camp: 2 days 1 night
    • Adventure with Dad Camp: 2 days 1 night
  • For our camp series, all children can be dropped off at Cratze Art Studio which is located at Nova Saujana, Ara Damansara. We have busses ready and waiting for our happy campers to be transported to our camp site.
  • For our Nature Play program, parents are required to drive down to our campsite at Amverton Cove Island & Resort as it is only a 2-hour program.
  • Nature Play  Program
  •  Nature Science Program
  • Conservation Program
    • Elephant Conservation Program
    • Forest Conservation Program
    • Marine Conservation Program

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Package inclusion

MAE’s got you covered! Here at MAE, we provide the necessities for your child such as:

  • Cabin
  • A comfortable bed with pillows and a blanket
  • Locker
  • Daily meals and beverages
  • Bathroom
  • And many fun activities!

Each child is required to pack:

  • Mosquito repellent
  • Clothing – sports attire, shoes, slippers, hat, comfortable clothing
  • Amenities – shampoo, body shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste
  • Towel
  • Sun Block
  • Rain Coat
  • Water bottle
  • Swimming attire

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Health and Safety

  • At MAE, we truly understand every parents’ concern of their child, and that is why our top priority is your child’s safety.
  • MAE has maintained beyond the highest standards of safety with our facilities, programs and qualified team members the moment your child arrives at our camp site.
  • We ensure you the highest level of safety for your children as every activity is facilitated by a trained Supervisor and is assisted with several more trained facilitators from MAE.
  • Every child that camps with us will be insured as MAE prioritises your children’s safety under travel insurance that covers your child.
  • In addition to a proactive approach in health and safety of your child, the facilitators in Camp MAE are first aid certified and has the ability to handle any emergency situation.  Camp MAE is only a 30-minute drive away from the nearest hospital, Banting Hospital and also available clinics within the area in case of any severe cases.
  • Parents of the young campers are advised to pack any medications to bring along for the camp if necessary and required to sign an authorisation form.

We understand every parents’ concern on who they are leaving their child with. Rest assure that your child is in good hands with our team! Meet our camp facilitators and founders of MAE who will be there to guide our team and will be there for your child in every step of the way:


  • A trained early childhood educator in New Zealand, Debbie has vast experience working with babies and young children in Malaysia and New Zealand.  She believes in the importance of instilling good values to children at an early age as these values will assist children in developing life skills that will help them in their future pathway in life.


  • Armed with a degree in Child Psychology and an MBA, Beverley has more than 10 years of experience working with children of all ages here in Malaysia as well as in New Zealand.  She strongly believes in the importance of children building solid characteristic as these characters strength determines the child’s future pathway in life.

Every facilitators in Camp MAE are chosen for their passion in children and education and will have to undergo training to ensure they are qualified to handle children at camp.

  • Yes. The campsite is heavily guarded with Amverton Cove Island & Resort’s security team. Hence the whole vicinity is entirely safe.
  • Yes. MAE buys a group travel insurance for every happy camper at Camp MAE
  • We don’t get random visitors visiting our campsite and we also do not encourage parents to visit their kids at camp so as not to distract the kids from their activities.  However, parents can pick up or drop off their kids at camp
  • Anything is possible to happen though we hope that it would not come to that, but we are within the vicinity of the resort and the resort has 2 levels of security before they can enter the campsite.  The campsite is also patrolled by securities 24 hours each day
  • At Camp MAE, we practised positive approach by using positive words like encouragement and support to the kids.  Kids are usually given 3 chances before they received time out.  Severe cases of bullying will result in the camper being sent home
  • Every child that enters the pond or lake would need to wear life jacket regardless if they are good swimmers or not
  • Camp MAE is a campsite, hence there are bound to be insects and ants.  We try to encourage the kids to appreciate the beauty if these insects and not to be frighten or threaten by them
  • As for the sun, all children would always need to wear sunscreen
  • Yes. Every parent would be contacted immediately if there are any cases of emergencies.

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