Forest Conservation Project

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Welcome to M.A.E. Group’s Forest Conservation Project

The Forest Conservation Project

The Forest Conservation Project is part of the Conservation Program that is designed for children to understand about the importance of protecting and conserving the forest in our country. This 5 weeks program is suitable for children 7-12 years old.  During these 5 weeks, we will be going to the different forest reserves located within the Klang Valley to encourage children to learn more about the tropical forest in our country, its biodiversity and the forest ecosystem.The objectives of this project are:

  1. To learn about the different types tropical forest in Malaysia, its biodiversity and its importance to the ecosystem
  2. To understand about the importance of conserving and protecting the forest and its surrounding environment.
  3. To encourage children to learn about the different types of animals and insects living within the forest reserves.
  4. To understand more about deforestation and its impact to human.

Classes are every Saturday and during these 5 weeks, children will be transported to 5 different forest around Klang Valley.

Every Saturday from 31st Oct – 28th Nov 2020

Venue: Various Forest Reserves in the Klang Valley

Age Group: 7 – 15 years old

Price: RM850 per pax – siblings 10%

*transportation will be provided
*Project will be limited to 12 pax only

Contact: Beverley 012 209 4262 | Debbie 016 553 0325


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Week 1, 31st Oct 2020

8.00am:           Meet up at Cratze Art Studio

8.00-8.45am:   Depart to Gasing Hill

8.45-1.00pm:   Forest activities – Fresh water invertebrates and vertebrates sampling; testing of water quality

1.00-2.00pm:   Lunch

2.00-2.40pm:   Depart to Cratze Art

2.45pm:           Pick up children

Week 2, 7th Nov 2020

7.30am:           Meet up at Cratze Art Studio

7.30-8.00am:   Depart to FRIM, Kepong 

8.00-1.00pm:   Forest activities – capturing terrestrial invertebrates; learn about roles of an entomologist and a botanist; plants and herbs identification

1.00-2.00pm:   Lunch

2.00-2.45pm:   Depart to Cratze Art Studio

2.45pm:           Pick up children

Week 3, 14th Nov 2020

8.00am:           Meet up at Cratze Art Studio

8.00-9.00am:   Depart to Camp MAE

9.00-12.00pm: Forest activities – trail to the mangrove swamp to learn about the importance of the swamp; tree planting.

12.00-1.00pm: Lunch

1.00-2.00pm:   Forest activities

2.00-3.00pm:   Depart to Cratze Art Studio

3.00pm:           Pick up children

Week 4, 21st Nov 2020

7.00am:           Meet up at Cratze Art Studio

7.00-8.00am:   Depart to Garden of Eden, Genting Highlands

8.00-12.00pm: Forest activities – introduction to nepenthes and understanding the functions of pitcher plants

12.00-1.00pm: Lunch

1.00-3.00pm:   Forest activities 

3.00-4.0pm:     Depart to Cratze Art Studio

4.00pm:           Pick up children

Week 5, 28th Nov 2020

7.00pm:           Meet up at Cratze Art Studio

7.00-7.45pm:   Depart to Bukit Kiara for a night trail

7.45-10.00pm: Forest activities – introduction to nocturnal wildlife and understanding the importance of amphibians in our ecosystems; learn the difference between bioluminescence and fluorescence

10.00-10.45pm: Depart to Cratse Art Studio

10.45pm:           Pick up children

Location for drop of and pick up

*Cratze Art – Unit 17, Nova Saujana, Jalan Lapangan Terbang Subang, Saujana, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor

Waze: Nova Saujana

Things to bring

Things to bring:

1) Mosquito repellent

2) Sun Block

3) Water bottle

4) Extra pair of clothing and towel


Note: Children to wear sports attire during these program.

The Conservation Program is an important program that we truly believe in.  We want our children to understand the significant importance of protecting and conserving our environment, the correlation between humans and the natural environment, the current issues that are happening and the impact that it can bring to us in the near future.  We would like to empower our children in playing their part to preserve and safe keep our nature and its surroundings for the sake of our future generations.

Thank you

With love,

Aunty Bev & Debbie

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