Health & Safety

At MAE, we truly understand every parents’ concern of their child, and that is why our top priority is your child’s safety.

MAE has maintained beyond the highest standards of safety with our facilities, programs and qualified team members the moment your child arrives at our camp site.

We ensure you the highest level of safety for your children as every activity is facilitated by a trained supervisor and is assisted with several more trained facilitators from MAE. On top of that, the campsite is heavily guarded with Amverton Cove Island & Resort’s security team. Hence the whole vicinity is entirely safe. Every child that camps with us will be insured under travel insurance that covers your child as MAE prioritizes your child’s safety.

In addition to a proactive approach in health and safety of your child, the facilitators in Camp MAE are first aid certified and has the ability to handle any emergency situation. Camp MAE is only a 30-minute drive away from the nearest hospital, Banting Hospital and also available clinics within the area in case of any severe cases. Parents of the young campers are advised to pack any medications to bring along for the camp if necessary and required to sign an authorization form.