The Marine Conservation Camp

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Welcome to The Conservation Series: The Marine Conservation Camp

The Marine Conservation Camp

The Marine Conservation Camp is designed for children to understand about the importance of protecting and conserving our marine life. This 3Days and 2 Nights camp will be held by the beach area in Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan and is suited for children 7-15 years old.  During the 3 Days 2 Nights camp, children will be learning about the marine ecosystem and its biodiversity, the function of flora and fauna, tide zones and many others. 

The objectives of this project are:

  1. To learn about the different types of the marine ecosystem and biodiversity
  2. To understand about the importance of conserving and protecting the marine life and its surrounding environment.
  3. To encourage children to build and develop their life skills like their teamwork, leadership skills and critical thinking skills.

Date : 6th-8th April 2021 or 14th-16th Sept 2021

Venue: Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan

Age Group: 7 – 15 years old

Price: RM810 per pax – siblings 10%

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    The program will be conducted in Pasir Panjang beach, in Port Dickson which is about 1.5 hours drive from KL.  All activities conducted during the 3 days 2 nights depend on the tides along the beach area and classes conducted will also depend on the sea and weather conditions.  Below is the typical itinerary for the 3 days 2 nights camp

    Day : 6th April ‘21  / 14th Sept ‘21

    11.30-12.30pm: Meet at Bukit Utama 1 Condo

    12.30-2.00pm:   Depart to Pasir Panjang, PD

    2.00-3.00pm:     Check-in

    3.00-6.00pm:     Marine activities 

    6.00-7.00pm:     Shower + Rest

    7.00-8.00pm:     Dinner

    8.00-10.00pm:   Night marine exploration

    10.00pm:           Bed time


    Day 2 – 7th April ‘21 / 15th Sept ‘21

    7.00-8.00am:     Wake up + morning workout

    8.00-9.00am:     Breakfast

    9.00-12.30pm:   Marine activities

    12.30-1.30pm:   Lunch

    1.30-2.30pm:     Shower + rest

    2.30-6.00pm:     Marine activities

    6.00-7.00pm:     Shower + rest

    7.00-8.00pm:     Dinner

    8.00-10.00pm:   Campfire + fellowship

    10.00pm:           Bedtime


    Day 3, 8th April ‘21 / 16th Sept ‘21

    7.00-8.00am :    Wake up + Morning workout

    8.00-9.00am:     Breakfast

    9.00-11.00am:   Marine activities

    11.00-12.00pm: Shower and pack up

    12.00-1.00pm:   Lunch 

    1.00-2.30pm:     Depart to Bukit Utama 1 Condominium 

    2.30pm:             Pick up children

    Location for drop of and pick up

    *Roadside of Bukit Utama 1 Condominium, Changkat Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya 

    Waze: Bukit Utama 1 Condominium

    Things to bring

    1) Mosquito repellent

    2) Clothing – sports attire, shoes, slippers, hat, comfortable clothing

    3) Amenities – shampoo, body shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste

    4) Towel 

    5) Sun Block

    6) Rain Coat

    7) Water bottle

    8) Sleeping bag / blanket

    9) Face masks & hand sanitiser 

    10) Swimming attire

    The children will be housed in a homestay place with 2 kids in a room.  There are beds and beddings provided for each child.  The beach that we will be going to is a private beach that only the children and the facilitators will be there. 

    The Conservation Camp is an important and we truly believe in.  We want our children to understand the significant importance of protecting and conserving our environment, the correlation between humans and the natural environment, the current issues that are happening and the impact that it can bring to us in the near future.  We would like to empower our children in playing their part to preserve and safe keep our nature and its surroundings for the sake of our future generations.

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