School Camp & Program

Camps & Programs for School

We have a variety of programs to cater to schools, be it a

nursery/ day care center, kindergarten, learning centers, tuition centers,

primary and secondary schools and colleges.


Nature Play Program

A 3 hours program that combines the element of nature + science + art + sports for your younger kids to develop their physical, mental and social abilities.


Nature and Outdoor Day Program

A 6 hour day program with a variety of activities that are physically, mentally and socially challenging. These activities are designed to develop children’s  teamwork, build one’s problem solving skills and critical thinking skills, encourage children to learn about responsibilities and build one’s resilient. 


Overnight Camp

We have specially designed camps that suits your requirements. Alternatively, you can also DIY your own camp activities and program.


Field Trip

A specially designed field trip that caters to your school’s requirements. This can include programs like nature science, forest education and many more.

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