The Adventure Camp: Survivals Skills The Wilderness

Hello Parents,

Welcome to Camp MAE’s Adventure Camp Series – Survival Skills Camp: The Wilderness

The Adventure Camp: Survival Skills Camp – The Wilderness

The Adventure Camp series has been revamped and redesigned to consist better programs and activities, covering many more aspects of developing children’s character strength and life skills.  Using the concept of learning through play, this Series provides children a variety of fun and exciting outdoor and nature activities that encourages them to develop a variety of life skills and build good values.  The Survivals Skills Camp: The Wilderness is a level up from the previous Survival Skills Camp. In this camp, children will learn the different skills that is required to survive in the wilderness. Some of the activities includes navigation, rope course, making traps to catch food, making portable water, making fire & cooking, basic tool techniques and many more.

The objectives of this camp are:

  1. To provide children a variety of activities that encourages children to learn basic survival and independence skills.
  2. To encourage children to build different skill sets and understand one’s abilities and potentials.
  3. To encourage children to learn, understand and be observant of their surrounding environment.

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