The Adventure Camp: That Teen Camp

Hello Parents,

Welcome to M.A.E. Group’s Adventure Camp: That Teen Camp 

The Adventure Camp: That Teen Camp

The Adventure Camp is designed to emphasize on the importance of going back to the
nature and encouraging the city child to explore the wilderness within their surrounding
environment. In That Teen Camp, the teens are tested on their teamwork and leadership
abilities.  Activities developed are designed to encourage teens to learn to lead, organise,
execute and perform tasks. They will be group in a team where they would learn about
teamwork – the ability to compromise, to learn about each other’s flaws and abilities and
to brainstorm together to complete tasks.   Some of these activities which includes obstacle courses, sport activities, solving puzzles and many others, challenges the teens’ physical and mental abilities and encouraging them to develop better problem solving and critical thinking skills.

 The objectives of this camp are:

1. To provide teens a variety of activities that encourages children to learn
independence skills, teams work, problem solving skills and leadership skills

2. To provide a variety of activities that test their ability to work as a team; to lead,
plan and execute tasks that are given to them.

3. To encourage the teens to recognise their potentials and abilities and to develop
different skill sets which could assist them in their future life. 

4. To encourage them to learn, understand and be observant of their surrounding

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