The Maze Race Camp

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Welcome to  Adventure Camp Series – The Maze Race Camp

The Adventure Camp: The Maze Race Camp

The Adventure Camp series has been revamped and redesigned to consist better programs and activities, covering many more aspects of developing children’s character strength and life skills.  Using the concept of learning through play, this Series provides children a variety of fun and exciting outdoor and nature activities that encourages them to develop a variety of life skills and build good values.  

The Maze Race Camp is a 3 days 2 nights camp for kids to build and develop teamwork and leadership skills.  In this camp, children are given a variety of tasks in which they have to brainstorm, coordinate, organise, lead and work together to complete the task as a team.  Some of the activities includes obstacle course, puzzle challenge, mystery challenge, creative challenge and many others.

The objectives of this camp are:

  1. To encourage children to build different skills sets and values such as confidence and self-esteem.
  2. To encourage children to develop the ability to in a team
  3. To encourage children to build leadership skills – to lead, organise, coordinate and execute tasks.
  4. To encourage children to learn, understand and be observant of their surrounding environment.

Date: 1st – 3rd June 2021

Venue: Paradise Valley Broga Resort, Semenyih, Selangor

Age Group: 7 years and above

Price: RM650 per person – siblings 10%

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The itinerary for this 3 days 2 nights camp are as follow

Day 1, 1st June ’21

11.30-12.30pm:  Meet at Bukit Utama 1 Condo*

12.30-2.00pm:    Depart to Paradise Valley Resort

2.00-3.00pm:      Check in to Camp MAE + briefing + assigning tents

3.00-4.00pm:      Team formation

4.00-6.00pm:      Team Challenge – Solving puzzles

6.00-7.00pm:      Shower + Rest

7.00-8.00pm:      Dinner

8.00-9.30pm:      Mystery challenge

9.30pm:              Bedtime

Day 2, 2nd June ’21

7.00-8.00am:     Wake up + morning workout

8.00-9.00am:     Breakfast + Rest

9.00-10.00am:   Morning market expedition 

10.00-12.00pm: Jungle Cooking

1.00-2.00pm:     Lunch + shower

2.00-4.00pm:     Team Sports

4.00-6.00pm:     Team water sports challenge

6.00-7.00pm:     Shower + Rest

7.00-8.00pm:     Dinner

8.00-9.30pm:     Campfire + games

9.30pm:              Bedtime

Day 3, 3rd June ’21

7.00-8.00am:      Wake up + Morning workout

8.00-9.00am:      Breakfast + Rest

9.00-11.00am:    Team Obstacle course challenge

11.00-12.00pm:  Pack + shower

12.00-1.00pm:    Lunch

1.00-2.30pm:      Depart to Bukit Utama 1 Condo

2.00pm:              Pick up kids

** The time slots for the activities mentioned above may be rescheduled depending on the weather condition during that 3 days.

Location for drop off and pick up

*Roadside of Bukit Utama 1 Condominium, Changkat Bukit Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Waze: Bukit Utama 1 Condominium

Things to bring

1) Mosquito repellent

2) Torchlight

3) Clothing – sports attire, shoes, slippers, hat, comfortable clothing, windbreaker

4) Amenities – shampoo, body shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste

5) Towel

6) Sun Block

7) Rain Coat

8) Water bottle

9) Swimming attire (life jacket is provided)

10) Sleeping bag/Blanket

The children will be staying in tents with bed and beddings.  There will be 2-3 children in each tent.  Separate tents for male and female.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided and there will be plenty of snacks provided in case children get hungry at other times.

Paradise Valley Resort, Broga is in an enclosed area which is gated and guarded.  There are plenty of facilitators and guards that are supervising the whole vicinity, hence the place is extremely safe.  We do not encourage children to bring their mobile phones or any valuable items.  If you wish to check on your child or talk to them, you may contact the Camp Supervisor at any time to check on your children but please try not to call during bedtime so as to avoid waking up the children.

We are most certain that your child will have a wonderful time at the Adventure Camp and they will most definitely bring back a memorable and happy experience back to you.

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