WE Program


The WE program or “Working Experience Program” is a program that encourages children to explore the different types of industries in the workforce.  Within each industry, children are taught the different fields of occupational jobs and are encouraged to understand how each of this industry and job works – the processes, procedures, workflows and problems.  Designed for teens aged 13 years old and above, this program is a combination of subjects such as geography, economics, entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

The objectives of the WE programs:

  • To encourage teens to explore and learn about the different types of industries in the workforce.
  • To encourage teens to understand how each industry works – the process, procedures, the workflow and the problems that each industry faces.
  • Help teens to build character strength and life skills such as leadership skills, teamwork, resilience, determination and work etiquette.
  • Encourages teens to understand more about their strengths and flaws and to develop skills and abilities which allows them to determine their future pathway in life.
  • Encourages teens to choose their choice of career pathway

Details of the WE program

  • 5 levels in total – each level is a progression of the next level. Every new student will start the program with Level 1.
  • The duration of each level is 1 year
  • There are 2 intakes in a year – January and July
  • Program is 30% classes and 70% fieldwork
  • Programs will be conducted using the concept of analysis, exploration, experimentation and hands-on experience
  • Coursework is taught using the e-learning portal and students are encouraged to complete assignments, task and projects either on group work or individual work.