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We have a variety of programs and overnight camps to cater to schools, nurseries, day care centers, kindergarten, learning centers, tuition centers and colleges. Below is a list of programs and activities caters for different age groups:

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Nature Play Program

This 3 hours program caters for nursery and kindergarten children ages 2-6 years old. The nature play program takes children to the great outdoors and within nature to explore, discover, experiment, analyse and experience the natural elements that our nature has to offer. This learn through play program includes activities such as nature scavenger hunt, art & craft, nature discovery, science experiments and many more. We conduct different themes at different locations depending on your suitability.

Overnight Camps

Our overnight camps which ranges from 3 days 2 nights, 4 days 3 nights to 1 week camp are designed for children to build life skills such as teamwork, leadership skills, and critical thinking skills and building character strength such as independence and responsibilities. Activities in these camps could include high rope courses, survival skills activities, raft building, seawater kayaking, fun and exciting team sports, team challenges and many more. Our camps are carefully designed and curated based on your requirements.

Nature Science Programs

This day program caters for primary and secondary schools and centers who are looking at doing field trips for their students. This program takes children to various places depending on your requirements and objectives. Some of these programs include activities such as hiking, stream exploration, ocean conservation, discovery on mangrove forest, marine exploration and many more.

Special Events

We have designed and conducted special events such as sports day, family day, festive celebrations for schools, kindergartens, learning centers and even residential clubs. Events can be conducted at your own premises or in the great outdoors. Activities designed will be based on your objectives and requirements.

To enquire more about the programs and activities, contact us at


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